Le Trois-ponts du chevalier de Tourville, 1680

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MONOGRAPHIE DE L'AMBITIEUX - Vaisseau 3 ponts 1680



du chevalier de



Autor : Jean Boudriot
Wydawnictwo ANCRE / nakład wyczerpany

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      This new work is presented in two volumes: the first contains texts and illustrations, the second stores numerous plates within a soft cover. This presentation is identical to that of an earlier publication (Le Navire marchand Ancien Régime).

Volume One

      : The study begins by presenting the research ordered by Colbert and his son, carried out over a period of nearly twenty years, in order to establish a conceptual theory of ships. In the context of this ambitious undertaking, we find the Chevalier de Tourville's attempt in 1679-80 to persuade Colbert to adopt his ideas on ship building. The pages of this text, "Le rendez-vous de Rochefort", appropriately frame the vessel proposed by the Chevalier historically, and it is this dimension that is the main topic of the study. In the following pages we take the opportunity to include an annotated reproduction of all printed documents from the XVIIth century preserved in the Musée de la Marine in Paris. We also cite various manuscripts which are a useful source of knowledge of French naval architecture during the reign of Louis XIV. After these "Mélanges" which comprise nearly the first half of the volume, we turn our attention to the monograph of M. de Tourville's three-decker ship. Sources are analyzed together with the basic document, a rare text from 1680, which is an authentic plan based on de Tourville's ideas drawn up by a mysterious character called Blaise Pangalo. A notice furnishes some information on this builder of Neapolitan origin who excels, from the 1680's on, as one of our foremost master builders. The plates of the monograph are reproduced at 1:44 scale. Each one is accompanied by explanatory comments. Schematically illustrated rigging rules follow the plates. We present the description of the ship in the same fashion and order as in the preceding monographs: measurements of the volume of the entire hull, drawings of all pieces of the timbers, description of interior installations and the fitting out of the hull, masting and its rigging, the rigging itself, and the sails. We affirm that this new publication in our collection is unique insofar as it not only present a three-decker ship, but more importantly, one that bears excellent witness to Louis XIV's Navy.

Volume Two

      : Comprised of 36 plates at 1:48 scale required for a detailed description of the vessel, it is a sizable set due to the large format of the plates at 1:48 scale and the dimensions of the shipbound in a soft cover. N.B. the explanations of the plates are found in the first volume; they are reproduced at 1:44 scale, a size that expedites the study of the plates without excessive handling. Thanks to the talent and skill of Bernard Frölich, a model of this three-decker called l'Ambitieux is being built.


      Volume One: 24 x 31cm format, full blue-grey cloth binding, sewn section with headband.
      Inside dust jacket, with a four-color illustration of de Tourville's portrait.
      200 pages, two four-color inset plates, the first reproducing the illustration on the inside jacket and the second showing the royal coat of arms.


      Volume Two: 24 x 31cm format, laminated soft cover representing the four-color model of the Vessel being built by M. B. Frolich.
      36 Large Format plates, with a complete description of the three-decker called L'Ambitieux.
      Explanations regarding these plates are given in Volume One.


      Chapitre I - La vaine recherche d'une théorie de la conception des Vaisseaux.
      les Règlements de 1670- 1671 - 1673
      I'Enquête de 1678
      I'Ordonnance de 1689
      les Modèles
      les Théoriciens
      Chapitre II - Le rendez-vous de Rochefort 1680
      Séjour et activités de Tourville (nov. 1679- sept. 1680)
      Le Conseil de construction de mai 1680
      Le Mémoire de juillet 1680
      Les Vaisseaux du chevalier Tourville


      Chapitre III - Recueil de documents du XVllème siècle
      Sources graphiques (70 reproductions)
      Sources manuscrites (présentation de 3 manuscrits)
      Inventaire des documents


      Le Vaisseau trois-ponts de M. de Tourville
      Présentation des sources
      Notice sur Blaise Pangalo
      Reproduction à l'échelle du 1/144ème de l'ensemble des planches de la monographie
      Diverses notices
      Règles du gréement


      Liste des planches
      1. Élévation
      2. Sections horizontales
      3. Sections verticales
      4. Couples et porques
      5. Couples et porques
      6. Couples et porques
      7. Couples et parques
      8. Couples et parques
      9. Liaisons longitudinales
      10. Élévation bois tors
      11. Élévation bordée
      12. Coupe longitudinale
      13. Coupes transversales
      14. Plans 1er et 2ème ponts
      15. Plans 3ème pont - dunette
      16. Charpente proue
      17. Charpente proue
      18. Charpente poupe
      19. Charpente poupe
      20. Plan faux-pont
      21. Plan 1er pont
      22. Plan 2ème pont
      23. Plan 3ème pont et dunettes
      24. Grande élévation
      25. Vues avant et arrière
      26. Coupe longitudinale
      27. Coupes transversales
      28. Détails accastillage
      29. Détails accastillage
      30. Détails accastillage
      31. Eléments du décor
      32. Éléments de la mâture
      33. Garniture de la mâture
      34. Garniture de la mâture
      35. Voilure
      36. Le vaisseau sous voile.


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